A kick-off word The motivation and determination to learn languages and strategies of dealing with the latent creativity of teaching staff and students, commented on by the founder of the school.

6 Topic

Clothes make the man An article in German about fashion in general, fashion icons and related matters.

8 Travelling around

Bonjour en France! Travelling around sweet France. Where to get a delicious glass or two of wine and have a tasty bit of cheese when you’re strolling across France.

12 Interview

Interview with Scion Priest, a US rapper living in the Czech Republic A lovely chat with the US rapper and English teacher about the city of Kraslice, the teacher's pets, music and segregation.

14 Cultural intermezzo

Temptation of Lorelei A poem by the German author Heinrich Heine doesn't lose its spark for contemporary young adult book-loving population.

16 Music and the world

Czech music in the world Talk with the singer of the music band FINAL FICTION, discussing whether people in the Czech Republic listen only to music fair to be consumed with a cold beer and salty peanuts, and what it is that music brings to people.


18 What's eating us

Two very angry letters Two expressions of epistolary nonconformity.

20 Mini-sized literature

V. V. Mayakovsky in poems and a word hunt game Strikingly about the disillusioned master of Russian Futurism. Note: contains poems about giraffes and the Mississippi.

22 VIP interview

Interview with the guru of EU funded educational projects Joel Josephson and the magic of social networks, who are the nicest people he knows, about idols and favourites and what the main plague on this world is.

24 Join in! PELIKAN project work

Don't Give Up! Never let your motivation abandon you Active learning strategies to avoid drop-outs Don’t Give Up! on-line teacher trainings On-line active training EuroLib Introducing the iconic book the Mole to EU educators and schoolchildren aPLaNet Building a virtual staff room

26 Comics

Future dawn Spanish comics about solitude and alienation in an unspecified French city where everything seems to indicate that people in the uncertain future will be crawling at cats’ and dogs’ paws.

29 Postface

Thank you and adié

31 Answer key