So I am three years old now. How time flies!

Every year I try to be a little better, more interesting and informative. Especially for you, for my readers. And, as every year, I am bringing you articles in world languages accompanied by beautiful photographs. This year, however, is a bit exceptional.

For the first time in three years there is a single topic: So let’s start from the beginning! I am very proud of this topic, but nothing like as proud as of our students’ work.

They have done a great job this year and filled me with a lot of interesting articles. It is thanks to them that while reading the articles you can travel in time, meet a Japanese Sushimaster or put yourself in place of somebody who decides to study Russian nowadays. What’s more, in addition to the interesting topics the students also present you with their teachers’ profiles. You will learn our students’ first impressions of their teacher, what was the first word they had acquired or why they think their teacher wants to do their job. 

pelican_magazine_spring-2012_cover_new_ (1)

Apart from the articles which were written by our students you will find texts written by my friends. Does it surprise you? Even a scrap of paper as I am can have friends. And not only in my hometown, in Brno, but all over Europe. In their articles, my friends will take you to Ethiopia, Sevilla and even an absinth bar if you have the guts.

As every year I am also bringing you the VIP interview in which we have put a few questions to a bassist for a Brno-based rock band as well as a report on European projects to which we devote a lot of our energy and time. 

You can read all of the articles in Czech as well as another foreign language and I hope that you find them interesting and amusing and that they inspire you to study a new foreign language.